Consulting Panel

Gradual shift of Strategy due to India’s increased presence in the Digital Economy

Government and the private sector are moving rapidly to spread high-speed connectivity across the country and provide the hardware and services to put Indian consumers and businesses online. As businesses come with the nuance adoptions to the increasing surge of Al-powered solutions, the need for these technologies is even more visible.

The E-commerce sector is changing in the advent of digitisation, and these platforms provide a sound support system for retailers in their management of inventory, financing and in-store applications. Aided by the pervasive internet connectivity and changing investment policies retailers stand to gain substantially from these.

Digitalization has the potential to tap into the Indian healthcare as well, be it for treatment or consultation at a cheaper cost so as to bring quality and affordable healthcare. Disruptive technology is starting to integrate into agriculture via well-ordered and consensus supply chains. Digital agriculture would give farmers the strengthening tool of data to help produce standard yields. For India to utilize digitization to the maximum extent, it’s all about how we tinker with the data with us and virtuous will be those who would be agile enough to adapt disruptions.

  • Digital Agriculture
  • Digital Healthcare
  • Digital Retail
  • Digital Logistics