Finance Panel

Financial Inclusion through Digitalization and growth of Fintech

A revolutionary Tech-Finance amalgamation, FinTech, has brought about a revolution in the traditionally conservative financial services industry in India. Realizing the power of Fintech to enable end-to-end solutions to their users, financial institutions are beginning to invest heavily in the technological advancements that would empower the sector to succeed.

FinTech companies, with the use of machine learning, have been looking at analysing the customer expectations and responses, and thus, helping in the forecast of demand patterns to provide a more customer-centric supply service. India, having embarked upon its digital journey, is catching up fast with its global peers.

For a high cash concentrated economy like India’s, this shift has been significant, with multiple stakeholders, like Blockchain used by the banking sector, emerging FinTech start- ups, e-wallets by financial institutions, UPI by the Government along with a push towards digitisation, the variety of services provided in this sector are immense and have changed the way consumers carry out their daily transactions.
With a favourable ecosystem for its growth and the multiple stakeholders playing catalyst, the development in this sector is to grow immensely, in India.

  • Bionic Workforce
  • Data Monetization
  • Platform banking
  • Cyber Security
  • Blockchain
  • Payment Gateways