HR Panel I

Gig Economy: Challenges and Benefits

Growth of digitalization, coupled with ongoing preferences of the working class to have more flexible schedules, has given rise to the issue of Gig Economy being at the forefront of everyone’s wish list.

Though the pros of working in a Gig Economy attract many freelancers and businesses alike, along with flexibility, variety of work and inexpensive hiring comes a lot of hard work and responsibility. Freelancers gain on flexible timing and finding a suitable fit from a pool of temporary jobs.

To thrive in a gig economy, professionals need to stay well connected with the industry in order to continuously upgrade their skillset with upcoming trends. Discussions revolve around instilling best practices for such resources to be tapped into and promoting their efficient revolves.
There still remain challenges yet to be addressed, including lack of benefits, limited guidance and increased responsibilities for the HR personnel. A significant change can be brought in by investing in the four connections of Place, People, Routine and Purpose.

  • Digital Matchmaking
  • Career Management System
  • Talent Management system
  • Lack of benefits
  • Limited guidance
  • Increased responsibility