HR Panel II

Man with Machine has replaced Man versus Machine

"Change is the only constant", rightly said and has never been more accurate for HR than it is now. Currently entering its golden era, wherein with technological advancement and unique organization needs, HR is undergoing a massive wave of disruption.

This shift is no longer anticipatory, instead is now apparent from the current needs and demands of the organizations. While the essential functions of HR till date still remain the same, only the way one goes about it has undergone a radical transformation.

The focus has now shifted to people development as the employees are now recognized as a valuable asset of the organisation. The unpredictability factor which was once kept under a stringent check is presently given free rein because with the introduction of technology; the scope is now boundless.
Automation has opened innumerable opportunities that are not just limited to the pioneers of the field; rather, everyday HR tasks can be done via AI, which would lead to enhanced creativity and foster innovation.

  • Focus on people development
  • Prioritizing productivity over mere automation
  • Use of innovative techniques for recruitment
  • Continuous performance management
  • Use of AI in performance appraisal
  • Use of AI in resume screening