HR Panel

Mr.Subhankar Roy Chowdhury
Executive Director & Head HR
(The Asia Pacific & Japan)
Lenovo India
Dr. R K Singh
Vice President/Head HR
TRL KROSAKI Refractories Limited
Mr.Sahil Nayar
Associate Director Human Resourses
Mr.Sumit Sabharwal
Head Of HR,
Fujitsu Consulting
Mr.Vinaya Trivedi
Head Human Resources,

How to restructure HR policies to facilitate shift from labour-driven to knowledge driven service?

Although the importance of information and knowledge for an organisation’s success has been known for years, few firms have put in enough efforts to manage them. Today's successful organisations have one trait in common: they all foster innovation and intrapreneurship.

Today’s organisations reward knowledge as against skill. They grow through micro-inventions. As firms get used to this paradigm presented by the emergence of knowledge workers and HR embrace the opportunities presented by analytics

HR managers have to undo and redo their talent management practices. They have to clearly define the objectives and responsibilities to be carried and facilitate the flow of information that is essential for the achievement of the set objectives.